I work for a small business just outside of Atlanta, GA. From the first meeting, Whitney has been extremely responsive and helpful. She explained SEO to me and what needs to be done to improve the company’s website. She helped me understand what I should invest more resources and time on, in order to benefit the company and draw more clients to our website.
— Raya, Marketing Manager

Happy Clients


Parks Evolution has filled a variety of roles for us from website development, media design, brand analysis, to even pairing us with community partners. Whitney is creative and responsive making marketing and design decisions easier.

— Jacob, ops manager

I had the good fortune to have Whitney take me underneath her wing show me the what it takes to get a website up and running. Both patient and insightful, Whitney was truly a shining example of how a first boss should be.

— LUIS, CRM senior analyst

Whitney has an uncanny ability to learn new things quickly and adapt her thinking to succeed at her tasks. Some of her key strengths are leadership, initiative and nimble solutions that take ideas and concepts and quickly turn them into reality.

— Bobby,digital marketing manager

Whitney provided abundant insight, creativity and productivity in her role. From social media outreach, video production and editing, blog creation, collateral production and problem solving, she has all the skills necessary for integrated marketing communications.

— Marc, executive director