Pricing + Services


Social media marketing services starting at $75/hour.


3-3-3 Social Media Management

$3000/month — Managment of three social meda channels for a minimum of three months. This includes complete customer analysis and channel optimization, as well as quarterly report.

Account Creation and Optimization

$150-300/social media channel — We will build or obtain administrative rights for your social media accounts. This includes SEO optimizaton, brand design, and account creation (if needed).

Social Media Strategy

$3000 This is our most popular offer. We will analyze your website and other marketing materials to develop a social media marketing strategy that targets, converts, and engages top paying customers.

Paid Social Media Advertising

Variable hourly rate — Develop ads that convert leads to customers. Engage and retain existing customers. Bring your customers in. Management of account is in addition to recommended ad spent.