Are Groups the Futue of Facebook?

Are Groups the Futue of Facebook?

As Facebook hits 2 billion users, Mark Zuckerberg pushes for people to join Facebook groups. In fact, he even changed Facebook’s mission statement: Give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together.

The previous mission statement was to make the world “more open and connected.”

In his Facebook post Zuckerberg explains, “Communities give us that sense that we are part of something greater than ourselves, that we are not alone, and that we have something better ahead to work for.” Watch the video and read the full commencement address.

Now that 2 billion people are connected through the platform, it is time to build out communities. Zuckerberg is using algorithms to make Facebook better at organizing online communities. According to an article on CNBC, he wants Facebook groups to be as important to people’s lives as their local, community-support groups.

What are Facebook groups?

Facebook groups provide a space for discussion, planning and collaboration about shared interests with particular people. Groups can be used to discuss topics such as video games, television shows, or politics. People use groups to plan events and fundraisers. Teams use groups to collaborate on projects and develop programs.

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Learn how to create a Facebook group.

Groups vs. Pages

According to the Facebook Help Center, “Pages are for brands, businesses, organizations and public figures to create a presence on Facebook, whereas profiles represent individual people.”

Pages are great for businesses as they provide analytics and insights on posts that are not available for personal pages. This can help marketers be more savvy about what types of content are most successful for their brand.

Groups previously did not offer insights, but with Zuckerberg’s new mission, this is no longer the case. Now Group Insights allow group admins to view real-time metrics around engagement, growth and membership.

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The Future of Groups

The idea of “meaningful groups” is a pretty cool concept for the future. As technology and data about our activities online continue to increase, it is inevitable that people will continue to focus on their niches and specific interests. Groups can provide an outlet for people to connect with people beyond their geographies to develop new circles of meaningful support and connection.

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